Student Consumer Information

The Student Consumer Information regulations of the United States Department of Education require universities to provide prospective and enrolled students, parents, 并且员工可以获得某些信息. 以下信息是根据联邦法律向您披露的. For additional information, 包括要求提供任何材料的纸质副本, 打电话给相应的办公室或访问指定的网站. 学生财务服务办公室负责每年更新这些信息.


Academic Programs

Accrediting and Licensing Agencies

UE is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. See page 2 of the 2021-22 catalog.




Code of Conduct for Education Loans


The links below provide information about UE policies and sanctions related to copyright infringement and unauthorized peer-to-peer file sharing as well as disciplinary actions taken against students who participate in such activities.

Cost of Attendance

学费包括学杂费, books, room and board, transportation, personal expenses and any additional costs for a program in which the student is enrolled or expresses an interest.






pp电子遵守1974年家庭教育权利和隐私法案, as amended (Public Law 93-380). FERPA is designed to protect the privacy of students by giving them rights concerning their education records. 完整的政策可以在2021-22年大学目录的第33-34页找到.


毒品定罪不再影响学生的联邦援助资格. The FAFSA asks if the student had a drug conviction for an offense that occurred while s/he was receiving federal student aid. 如果答案是肯定的,将提供一个工作表. Please answer the questions correctly; however, this won't impact aid eligibility. More information can be found at:


特定学期的经济资助超过大学的直接收费, refunds of credit balances are processed by the cashier within the Office of Student Financial Services according to federal regulations, as described in this policy:

Financial Aid Information

The Office of Student Financial Services is the primary source for information about financial aid at UE. Detailed information about the availability of financial aid and the application process is available from the Student Financial Services office and the website. Additionally, descriptions of federal, state, UE, and private sources of assistance; eligibility criteria; information about entrance and exit student loan counseling, standards for determining satisfactory academic progress; methods and frequency of disbursements; terms of all student, parent, and private loans; and information and conditions for on-campus employment are available in various financial aid publications (including, but not limited to, 每年出版的《pp电子》)和网站. 办公室电话是812-488-2364或800-424-8634.

General Information

UE admission procedures and processes for prospective students; all information on academic programs of study; and annual tuition, fees, room, and meal charges. 请致电1-833-BeAnAce招生办公室(1-833-232-6223)


Six-Year Graduation Rates for bachelor's degree-seeking students for Federal Pell Grant recipients, 资助直接贷款学生, 没有佩尔助学金或直接贷款补贴的学生, 所有学生,无论接受何种援助.

Graduation Rates for General Student Body

The percentages of full-time undergraduate students who entered UE as their first undergraduate institution (excludes transfer students) who graduated 4, 5, and 6 years later are listed on the web.

Graduation Rates for Student-Athletes

The NCAA Graduation Success Rate measures graduation rates at Division I institutions and includes students transferring into the institutions. 信息可以在网站上的“pp电子”下找到:

Grievance and Complaint Procedures

The University of Evansville embraces a culture that encourages students to seek informal resolution to issues or concerns by directly contacting the faculty member or administrator who has the authority to respond. 下载以下PDF文件以了解更多详情.


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 created a framework to protect the medical privacy of patients and health plan members. In general, HIPAA privacy regulations allow covered health care providers and health plans to share information for the purposes of treatment, payment, and health care operations. The University of Evansville supports the goals of HIPAA and documents policies and procedures for securing protected health information in UE's “HIPAA Privacy and Security” policy. Questions can be emailed to 办公室电话是812-488-2943.

Missing Person Protocol

Net Price Calculator

Program Closure Policy


If a student withdraws or drops a course, UE将遵循每年出版的财政援助指南中公布的退款政策. The complete University refund policy and a summary of the requirements for the return of Title IV grant or loan assistance by students who withdraw from UE, 及从终端退出的程序,可参阅以下文件:


Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Security and Fire Safety Report

This annual report includes statistics for the previous three years of reported crimes that occurred on campus, 在大学拥有或控制的校外建筑物或物业内, 在校园内或紧邻校园的公共场所. The report also includes institutional policies concerning campus security and fire safety practices. 公共安全办公室的电话号码是812-488-2051.


The Office of Counseling Services coordinates the provision of appropriate and reasonable academic accommodations and support services for any qualified student with a properly documented disability. It is the policy and practice of UE to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. 办公室电话是812-488-2663. 你可以在pp电子网站的以下区域查看更多信息:


There are some circumstances that may result in a student no longer having to repay his/her federal student loan. For instance, some or all of the loan amount could be forgiven in exchange for performing certain types of service such as teaching or public service. Or the obligation to make further payments on the loan might be discharged based on specific factors such as the school closing or the student becoming totally and permanently disabled. More information can be found here:

Study Abroad

Regularly enrolled UE students participating in University-approved programs abroad are eligible for federal financial aid, 以及UE和州补助金(如果符合条件). The Office of Study Abroad works closely with the Office of Student Financial Services to provide helpful information for students with questions. 关于国际学习选择的广泛信息可从留学办公室获得. 他们的电话号码是812-488-1085,您可以在以下网站查看更多信息:

Teacher Preparation Accountability

Textbook Information

而学生们不需要在pp电子书店购买他们的书, 选择这样做的学生可能会收取最高1美元的费用,每学期与课程相关的书籍和用品到他们的UE学生帐户. Students with a credit balance on their UE Student Account resulting from a Federal Pell Grant and/or other aid who wish to purchase their textbooks somewhere other than the UE Bookstore may request a refund from the cashier within the Office of Student Financial Services.



Vaccination Policies

Verification Policy

Veteran Information

Voter Registration Information


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